4 January 2010

pastel perfect

When she laughed, her hair would shake in such a way it would always remind me of the fluttering of birds wings. And when it settled the mousy brown tangles would join to form an untidy nest-a nest for her thoughts. What I would have given to have known those secret thoughts. To have know what that beautiful, erratic mind was mulling over that Sunday, as we sat there beneath our favourite tree playing cards in the afternoon sun .

Just a little something I'm writing for fun


Unknown said...

i like the photos that u choose so im gonna suscribe
aomment back

LAYNE said...

wow. you are really talented. keep it up girl :)

young-shields said...

lovely! c x

Kirstie said...

Some lovely photo's and writing!

Kirstie MariƩ

diamondsinchampagne said...

omg that miu miu bag is lustworthy, the colour is so feminine, Wish it was mine!

jane smith said...

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