8 January 2010

fashionable habitat

Some Chanel polishes, a tangle of jewellery, a stack of vogues and rows upon rows of shoes.
The staples of any fashion lovers bedroom, mine included.

What other delights do you keep in your boudoir?


Unknown said...

love the new header..and the polishes are so gorgeous!

Miss Hulk said...

I keep A night stand covered with classic romance novels, jewelry, and pink high heals.

Stephanie said...

I need a poster of that first photo to hang in my room. I love the new header too.


Anonymous said...

a bed! king size, by the way

Unknown said...

lovely lovely pics!my favourite thing in my room is my perfume..everytime i'm sad i just fill the place with it :p
have fun

Natalie Suarez said...

love all these photos, the shoes are to die for!


jack bespoke said...

great collection of things you have here...lovin all the boots. just scrolled down and you have such a great archive of images here! will be followin yoass foshure.


ClaraVolante said...

great photos. love love love the chanel nailpolish!!


Sofie said...

Is that on the first pic a real book?
In that case i need one, fast!

Rebecca said...

love the jade nailcolor!

jane smith said...

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