29 December 2009

goodbye 2009

As the year 2009 draws to a close, I'l like to say a big thank you to everyone who has commented on, followed or read hippyhippychic this year. I hope my nonsensical collection of pretty pictures and whimsical words will continue to excite and enthrall you all for yet another year.

Ps. A huuuuge thank you to emily who created my new banner for me! You can check out her work [here] she is very talented.



Dani said...

gorgeous banner! have a wonderful new year's eve!

Traceyr said...

Love the new banner. Will go and peek tomorrow. Thanks for the link. :)

Sherin said...

The new banner looks great.

Hope you have a briliant new year!

Maria Tavares said...

Adorable pictures :D

Traceyr said...

Happy New Year Hippy. I wonder what new trends 2010 will bring.

Stay happy, health and safe next year. x x x


Kirstie said...

Such simplistic photos yet they are so beautiful!
You have a lovely blog

Nina said...

i love your blog!
It's so interesting and amazing!

Anouk said...


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