11 January 2010

the new you?

I'm having a bout of self doubt at the moment.
January always has such a focus on trying to better yourself and start afresh with news years resolutions, diets etc. It makes me a little self-conscious like there's a need to come up with new imaginative ways to improve your self. I just want to have another happy year doing things I love with the people I love.

So what about you lot. Do you keep new years resolutions, or do you think they're silly?


Kirby said...

I was having a bit of self doubt earlier as well....
If you don't see a need for change then don't change! Keep doing what you love with the people you love!

I love new years resolutions but at the same time I think they are silly. Everyday we should be allowed to make the changes that we want to we shouldn't have to rely on one day, but then again sometimes its fun because there is hype around this time of year and it can be motivating.

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

New Years resolutions are fun, but I wouldn't take them too seriously, it's too easy to disappoint yourself! love all the photos you've posted here. xx

Unknown said...

hey theree!u can ask whatever..

Emz said...

I feel. Exactly like those photos right now haha. I just wanna hit my head against something!

Unknown said...

oh diets :( such a problem!
have fun

Lashes said...

you have great style, and your blog definitely shows what a creative person you are! and i love the collection of photos, you always pick the best of the best pictures!
keep up the good work :)

Nicki's Notebook said...

I totally get what you mean. I bought some mags to sit down with a coffee last week - and they were crammed of skinny clebes, gym wear and fad diets for 'the new you'.

I dont wanna be new!! im loving your blog, just found it. xx

Anonymous said...

ah self-doubts always rise in january,at the worst time a year as we crave comfort food which leads to laziness...i tend to make lists & notes each day so come NY I dont feel as much pressure...all u can do is love, reflect, dance, sing & keep inspired...u have a beautiful blog, we share intrests :)will def follow! exchange links?


Katja said...

such gorgeous inspirational pics! love your blog! =)

jane smith said...

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