15 April 2009

disney hippy

Miley Cyrus
on the cover of teen vogue showing us that disney can do hippy chic too!
i think with this shoot vogue were trying too hard to portray miley as squeaky clean teen and so the images come across less fashion than other shoots in the past. unlike for example the kirsten stewart shoot (divine!)
the styling here is very simple and almost virginal. i think maybe some earth-coloured accessories could of added life to this shoot... but who am i to criticize teen vogue!
who knows maybe mileys agent has decided its time for her to clean up her image. once and for all. heres hoping!

re-creating the hippy look nowadays can be really successful.
here are some 70s style photos i love.

i cleared out my wardrobe, however i found nothing worthy of selling on so its all going to charity.
i cut up some old black skinny jeans and made hotpants out of them, i really wants to put slits or chains in them and grunge them up but im scared i'll ruin them. may attempt them later with the aid of this excellent guide i found on how to 'wang' up your wardrobe:

they look so good! not sure mine will turn out like that though...



Unknown said...

congrats your blog is VERY PRETTY!! I'm gonna adding you in my blogroll if you don't mind;-)

S.Elisabeth said...

Ooh I think you'll be able to do it with your shorts. besides, even a mistake can turn out to look perfect.

aghh and miley cyrus. all i can say is "WHY TEEN VOGUE, WHY?" I love this magazine for portraying smart, funny celebs, and then put THIS wreck on their cover. -cries- haha

ah and leighton's singing, i think its a love or hate thing

Barbara said...

This pictures are so weird to me!:) Maybe it's her weird smileing??
And hoe can she talk about love at first sight! She is soo young that it would be weird if she had that experience!:)

Great blog btw!:)

Emily said...

Lovely lovely photos! (Not the Miley ones, haha) And the Kristen Stewart photoshoot is one of my favorite Teen Vogue shoots too!

Thanks for stopping by the blog =)

Mimi said...

I agree I have this issue, and it all seemed so... Squeaky clean. I love that the issue was all about going green and all the hippie stuff but they could have done a lot better with the photos.

I guess I also really didnt like it either because I cant stand Miley, I find her annoying and ignorant. She just seems like she has a lot of growing up to do and be more worldly.


Tiffany Ling Tse said...

I agree... I'm not a huge fan of this shoot! I'm curious to see Miley in a more high fashion shoot; I haven't liked very many of her spreads in most of the magazines she'd been featured in!

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