10 April 2009

may the force of online shopping not be with you..

im off to see Star Wars the musical tomorrow
shall let you know how that one turns out...
i dont even like the movies and am only going with the boyf however im tempted to go geekily dress up with princess leia hair and some space agey costume!
[inspiration below.]

eugh! just to let you know i got the long awaited Mina UK dress but to my dismay it was nothing like the picture. the colours were muted and dull and the fit was terrible. i look like i was wearing a potato sack... im not having much luck with internet shopping at the moment having recently returned a black Uniqlo shift dress too.

with my absolute lack of money i cant even begin to buy a new spring wadrobe
(i spent my last pennies on gig tickets this week)
and so i have decided to write a comphrensive spring wadrobe list before i go buying.
i really need a wadrobe spring clean but i always worry that i'll end up with nothing to wear.
may check out the wardrobe and see if there anything i could sell and give the rest to charity..

what are you all doing about new spring wardrobes?
lucky enough not be ridiculously broke?

on a totally random note to end the post...i found the ultimate wedding dress.


Maddy said...

Hey thanks for the comment! I've added your link to my blog!

I love your blog, especially that last dress, stunning!


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

that last picture is gorgeous.

Barbara said...

Star wars muzical...i'd love to see it! But i'm not such a big fan of the movie! Just saw the last three!
Yes do go as Leila, sometimes it's fun to be a little geeky:)


Tiffany Ling Tse said...

Love that last dress!! It is so unique and gorgeous.

My budget won't allow me a lot of spring shopping this season either :-/ I'm thinking it will be a good opportunity for some DIY projects though!

Pansieberry said...

there's a star wars musical?! how did i not know this before? it sounds fascinating.

Mrs. M. said...

i went as queen amidala one year. well, an edgier queen amidala. every club kid in the house wanted to borrow my headpiece. it was quite possibly the best costume eva.

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