17 April 2009

party like its 1774

Its my best friends fancy dress birthday party tonight and so in honour of her (she's going as Marie Antoinette) I thought I'd post these playboy editorial scans. I picked the more demure of the photos to show you and I think these ones are really cute. I love the red shoes with the triple straps even though they look a little stripper-ish....
lily coles playboy shoot caused a lot of controversy,what do you think of this one?
too risqué or something you want to see more of?Align Centre


Unknown said...

love the pics, there's nothing wrong in nudity if it's not vulgar. the red shoes are hot!

Mimi said...

What a cool theme!!! For my 22nd birthday coming up in June I am having a Alice in Wonderland party I am so excited!

Love the pics


Sarah Valentine said...

Ever since i've seen this post, I've been trying to find a ringmaster blazer like that.
I'm blaming you!
Hope you're having fun at the festival.

Anonymous said...


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