7 December 2009

oh sonia

When I went Christmas shopping on Saturday with my mum I had no intention of looking for gifts for myself. But when we were near H+M I couldn't resist going in "just to have a look" at the Sonia Rykiel for H+M stuff. Nothing in particular caught my eye in the ads, i'm not that bothered with lingerie shopping but some of the pjs looked nice. When I got to Oxford Circus store there wasn't any advertising for the range but after asking a sales assistant I found out all the Sonia Rykiel stuff was on the bottom floor.

There was a small black carpeted section of Sonia Rykiel stuff, they had all the floaty nightdresses and pjs I'd seen from the catwalk show on black velvety coat hangers and a lot of the lady gaga-esque structured underwear too. I was tempted to but a black night shirt which was supposed to be made of silk but it felt really awful and was pretty much see through. In the end I decided to buy a cute little 3 pack of lingerie just a little memento of the collection, (i've missed out on literally every other H+M collection and wanted a little piece of this one.) The knickers came in a sweet striped box and have little diamantés on them.

As I was making my way to the check out my eye was caught by some serious sparkle. High heeled slippers with fluffy pink details. Truly impractical and truly glamorous! I picked them up just to see my mum on the other side of the display waving a pair at me. They were only £30 so i decided to have them. And check out the diamanté encrusted heels! Serious bling. Can't wait for Sonia's full clothing line to hit H+M in February...



Ashley said...

Those slippers are the cutest things I've ever seen! Love them so so much!


Sarah Valentine said...

:0 Those slippers are amazing!!!!!

Wrecked Stellar said...

Those slippers are so girly and fun!! I'd feel like a princess wearing them :)

jane smith said...

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