2 December 2009

70s sasha

This is one of my favourite shoots of all time, no idea what magazine its from but I want all the clothes! Plus Sasha looks stunning, I especially want the grey hat in the first photo.

I received this award from Tracey at Searching my art and I have to write 5 facts about myself so here goes:1- My favourite era is the 70's, I think its pretty easy to tell from my blog!
2- I study English Literature and Journalism at uni
3- My favourite store is Selfridges. Its my equivalent of Tiffanys, I could live in there.
4- I'm going to buy tons of disposable cameras this Christmas and takes loads of pictures.
5- I want Father Christmas to bring me Teen Vogues Handbook and a Nylon Subscription


Owen said...

I love these shots. Liking your style hipster :)

Stephanie said...

Love these so much. The hats really make me feel like I need one...asap. Santa!

Gypsy Gardens said...

one of my favorites too. they are gorgeous. i wanna chill by the lake dressed like that...
love your blog

Nicki's Notebook said...

i adore this photoshoot - can't get enough of it!! 70's are ace. xx

jane smith said...

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