2 May 2009

galliano summer

oh galliano!
your collections always blow everyone who sees them away and i honestly didnt think your pieces could look any more desirable... until i saw these.
these snapshots were taken by Mark Leibowitz at various Gallianos shows through the seasons and they are utterly divine.
a hazy wash of bright colours and nonchalant faces, its like the perfect summer fantasy.
what i would give to live in the Galliano world...

ps. if you have a spare minute vote in my poll on the right! Which is your favourite summer hat?


jules said...

those pictures are beautiful.

Emz said...

Such fabulous colors in those photos! And sure I'd love to exchange links!

www.janetteria.com said...

so beautiful!

Thanks Ur lovely comment Honey. Check this out, if U have a mood!


Siru said...

Just gorgeous pieces! That kind of photography I hope I one day will have up on my walls! Such a beautiful art!

juliet xxx

zuki said...

Hi! You left a comment for me nearly month ago but silly me while changing domain(or layout,I don't know, my friend changed it...)lost all comments:( I mean, I didn't receive any notifications on email, now I checked my older posts and found your comment! Your blog is really great and I would love to make a link exchange!
P.s.I love everything Galliano does:))

Haute World said...

Great pics, thanks for posting! I've always loved how girl, whimsical and colorful Gallianos collections are.

Amelia said...

Galliano is pretty darn amazing, but these pictures make it so much better. They're stunning! So abstract.

Laura said...

The colors are amazing!
x Laura

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