29 April 2009

i dont care

i dont care what anyone says about mary-kate olsen.
she is gorgeous and always will be.
anyway shes been spotted in some hot outfits recently and i thought i'd share.

you like?

much revision for my french oral exam has meant little time for posting!
shall try and post again this week. ciao for now, and enjoy the mk fix.


Unknown said...

I love the way she looks always cool and relaxed..but not the furs that both sisters wear:(

Haute World said...

Both her and Ashley are definitely beautiful and I admire her for just going with her own style, instead of following trends (like most celebreties do). Great pics, thanks for posting! :)

Emz said...

Used to not be a huge fan of her, but I think she's really grown into making herself a type of gorgeous in a different way from our generic pretty

Ella Gregory said...

There have been so many Mary-Kate snaps this week, it's been amazing. She always looks great.

Tiffany Ling Tse said...

Agreed! Some people hate her but I love her look; from her hair to her makeup to her fashion aesthetic of course!! I love all those looks you just posted... so effortless and beautiful!

zuki said...

yeah, she is really fab! I love her style so much!