2 April 2009

spring dresses

adios lent!
its spring! : a time for shopping. hello to floaty floral dresses, easter eggs hunts and new season accessories!

accessorize has a really good selection of jewellery at the moment, very on trend and not as expensive as i remeber it being. i picked up a cute gold and velvet intertwined bracelet on wednesday for a mere £5! all the spring dresses are came into stores now, kate moss' new collection launches today but im not really a fan. i always find it too simple and extremely over priced. However Urban Outfitters has a gorgeous range of dresses and i picked the best 4 to bring to you all below.

you'll have to click the image to make it bigger, because for some reason i cant enlarge it..

from left to right: APC Madras Dress £95.00, Luella Floral Dress £210.00, Pink Soda Boutique Dress £125.00 and See By Chloe Floral Dress £325.00.

ok so there a little pricey but i say you should splash out on the first dress of spring.
i am obsessed with this mina dress (below) at the moment. its around £60 on asos.com but i MUST have it. a severe lack of money means alot of pleading with my mother when she comes home from work tonight as im going to need someone to lend me the cash! but ahh isn't it just gorgeous. the colours are awesome, so 60s hippy! Looks like wallpaper The Beatles would have or something


Ashley said...

Loooove that flower-print See by Chloe dress, so pretty! You're right, you gotta splurge just a little on the perfect summer dress!


Laura said...

Love the dress!
The colors are really amazing.
x Laura

cath :: AllChic said...

This purple dress somehow reminds me of Carly Smithson's dress on American Idol last year. I love it!


Tiffany Ling Tse said...

LOVE LOVE the See by Chloe floral dress! It's amazing! So colorful and perfect for summer :)