28 March 2009

sunnies & more

afternoon all.
my visit to the v+a yesterday turned about to be quite stressful as the person i was ment to go with was ill and it was pretty busy when we got there, but i had fun and the hats were beautiful. i found out though to my dismay that boaters do not suit me and in fact make me look like a private school boy, in a bad way. *sigh*.

moving on, asos has some of the best sunnies around at the moment, and even though its not half as sunny enough as it needs to be to whip out your shades i picked the best of the asos bunch for you all to muse over.

from left to right:
Retro Super Future Exclusive Hippy Tie Dye £100, Christian Dior Large Retro 70's Rimmed-£120.00, Spitfire ASOS Exclusive Candy Bar Sunglasses-£17.75 , ASOS Catseye Sunglasses £7.75, Jeepers Peepers 'Zia' Exclusive Snake Flat Top £17.75 , ASOS Apple Sunglasses £8.00, Luella New Season Retro Glitter Wayfarer £150.00, Spitfire Rainbow Flat Top Infinity Sunglasses £17.75.

the apple ones are funny, would like to see what sort of outfit someone would team them with!
my favourites have to the last pair with the rainbow top. so summery and would go with every outfit!

this is the item on the top of my wishlist at the moment, need to go shopping on monday to pick up vogue paris and see if my local topshop has this in stock.
its very bohemian and so me, i need it!!!

also on my wishlist right now, this gorgeous vanity case from etsy.
its a little pricey but you cant put a price on beauty!
enjoy the weekend


Laura said...

Love almost all the glasses!
x Laura

cath :: allchic said...

Love the bohemian blouse... I had one ages ago just like it, before I learned how clothes shrink in the wash...my favorite look is the hippychic look... I'm adding you to my blogroll now at allchic.com....

Laura said...
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Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

omg I would pay good money to have one of those chests!

Laura said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll and the comments.
Keep up the good work ;)
x Laura

Secret Agent said...

Cool sunglasses pick. Looks like plastic frames are here to stay this season!

Ashley said...

I love that top! I hope you were able to find it in the store!


Anonymous said...