8 February 2011

Hello again

I'm so so sorry. I know it's been such a long time since I've written here but uni, retail work and interning had taken over my life! But now I'm missing blogging more than ever so get ready for a new and improved hippyhippychic coming back soon. The posts will be less about images and more about interesting and informed opinion pieces as well as debate inducing posts - all about fashion of course. I hope you'll join me in my next blogging journey.
Hippy x

18 July 2010

twist on a trend

Marni have created an adorable alternative for those not brave enough to fully embrace the soon-to-be-huge shearling trend, with their shearling cross body bag. With leather detailing and a cute little tweed pocket, it may not keep you as warm as one of Burberrys shearling jackets, but it'll have you looking equally as fab and on trend.
Available at net-a-porter for £575

14 May 2010

crystals are a girl's best friend

I'm not normally a fan of covering things in loads of tiny diamantés, I always cringe when I see people with blinged out blackberrys or iphones, to me it's more tacky than chic. However these Judith Leiber clutches are a work of art, and besides they're not diamanté really, they're 'crystals'. Although the multitude of colours are pretty breath taking my favourite has to be the chic and simplistic rabbit, it reminds of a Kit Williams piece with added glitter!
Retailing just shy of £3000 each I don't think I'll be purchasing one any time soon but that doesnt mean I can't stare longingly from afar....

13 May 2010

suits you

I know I'm like a week late on this but it had to be said. There have been many a negative comment about Alexa Chung's met gala outfit but I honestly think she looks amazing. I love the crazy almost-fetish heels and dark make-up, so not like her which makes it so great! Not sure how it fits in with the theme of the American Woman though...

Masses of revision currently so posting is at an all time low. Normal service will resume shortly.

25 April 2010

time travel

Daisy Lowe by Ben Rayner from Ben Rayner on Vimeo.Align Centre

Now she's dating Doctor Who it seems Daisy Lowe's been time travelling too, having gone back to the 60s for Futureclaw magazine. Watch the trippy little video to see Daisy acting like a true hippy.