18 March 2010

mind reader

For a few days now I'd been browsing the new collections on Vogue.co.uk instead of working and thinking about how well the new Pucci collection would suit Kristen Stewart. She always has her legs on show and some of the Pucci dresses are super short, as well as being a little bit 70s rockstar-esque and unusual, which is right up Kristen's street. Plus she's worn Pucci several times before. Yesterday I actually wrote a post which included some begging to Kristen Stewart to wear something from the new Pucci collection, however I was late for an appointment and rushed off forgetting to save it before I turned my PC off.

And then when I turned on my computer today I found this.....

KStew in a new season Pucci dress!
Looking divine!
Seeing as me and Kstew are now somehow able to connect through our minds, I have a new message for her.

If you want to go dark and vampy...wear this!:Pucci

or if you want sparkle and colour (you'd look amazing in green)...wear this:
Monique Lhuillier

Or if you want to wear some weird crazy trousers again...wear these:Balmain

What do you think of KStew in Pucci?


JessMidge said...

ah i loved kristen's pucci look,
the dress fit so well and looked beautiful.
i'm hoping you have got some connection because the Monique Lhuillier dress would be oh so perfect, i can picture this so clearly.
the black and vampy dress would also be such a lovely look on her.

E. said...

the dress is lovely but I also like the shoes!:D

Traceyr said...

Love that green dress!


Siru said...

K looks so good in there! A smile helps so much! I hate to spam, but I wanted to tell you that my blog birthday party continues with second giveaway. Come try your luck!

juliet xxx

jane smith said...

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