4 March 2010

from russia with love

Top to bottom: Vogue Russia March 2010, British Vogue March 2010, 3 of my favourite Vogue Russia covers from February and March from 2008 and July 2007.

Try to bide my time while waiting in anticipation for the new issue of British Vogue I decided to have a little browse through their cover archives. To my disappointment most of the covers were a little lacklustre, ours are never as eye catching as the Russians or as sexy as the French. Although I love Alexa dearly I thought even her cover last month was a bit naff; she looked bored and was pulling a really neutral boring pose. This isn't an attack on the photographer Alasdair McLellan, (the rest of the photos from the shoot were gorgeous and I really loved the sultry Julianne Moore cover he did last year) so I have no idea why the cover turned out like it did. Recently I've just been less and less impressed with our Vogue covers. They never look ugly or bad, its just they seem to be lacking that something, that 'edginess' that other magazines like i-D seem to have. That thing that makes you gasp with glee or has you in awe of the models sheer beauty or makes you think about fashion in a differeny way. It's been a while since a British Vogue cover has made me excitability hurry over to the till so I can rush home and obsess over the editorial for days after.

Maybe more avant-garde/highly stylised type covers aren't what British Vogue readers want? I mean they put Cheryl Cole on the cover so that must say something... Who knows many I'm just a tiny minority and I'm being overly fussy. What do you think?

Do you like British Vogue covers? Or do you think they need a change? Which countrys Vogue does the best covers?

My fingers are crossed for the April issue!


Leia said...

I don't read vogue but I like these covers!

Stephanie said...

I love that very first cover. And my life basically revolves around waiting for the next British Vogue to come out once I devour the current one.


Laura said...

I love VOGUE, and the cover of Abbey Lee the most.
x Laura

Bookworm Bitch said...

hmm i totally agree, it is so plain. i lurve the floral one and the first one. i noticed your blog on Flying Saucer and just wanted to say u have a great blog xxx

Ashley said...

I'm with you, the only thing that excites me about Alexa's cover is her shoes. The Vogue Russia covers are much more enticing!

And thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog, I really appreciate it :) It made me feel so much better when I read it. Thank you!


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