11 November 2009

a round of applause for ashley olsen

for showing us how to make a leopard print coat look uber glamorous and not a tad bit tacky.
I'm taking notes.
Her looks has been so chic lately.
Normal I find her style kind of boring but recently she's looking more stylish than ever, whilst Mary-Kate has been looking haggard and eyebrow less every time she makes a red carpet appearance.
Its like a freaky Friday moment.

What do you think of Ashley's look?


Anonymous said...

I love Ashley! her pictures make my day! i would never dare wear that coat but BOY IS SHE WORKING IT!!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Ashley never gets it wrong, she knows exactly what she's doing!

Unknown said...

It's true. I feel like she is getting better and better, as of late!

the girl with the satchel said...

I love ashley, I am in LOVE with the leopard print fur coat, simply de lovely, she never gets the same amount of credit as Mary-kate who I love to but Ashley is more overlooked yet she really has amazing style too.

Anonymous said...

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