8 October 2009

a not so scary halloween giveaway

I know Halloween is a few weeks away, but I'm already excited.
I love Halloween colours, obscure purples and brash oranges.
I love bats and ghouls and all the 'scary' stuff, but most of all I love the dressing up.
So, in order to win my not so scary giveaway, simple start following this blog (if you havent already) and then leave a comment telling me about your ideal Halloween costume!
Will you go for something fashionably scary like the ghost of the chic Marie Antoinette?
Or do a new take on the Halloween classics of Devil, Witch or Ghost?
The giveaway is open to anyone anywhere, so please repost or mention this on your own blogs!!!

The prize?
A goodie bag of not so scary items. Lots of stuff including sweets, jewellery and a little something or two from lazyoaf.com ;)
I look forward to reading your answers.
Good luck!


Olive Tee said...

cool contest hmmmm I don't I would be like a devil wearing prada!!! nooo thats really lame....prob like alice in wonderland, I have an obsession with her. xx

Sailor Jamee said...

do we just comment here to enter? if so, i think the best halloween costume would be anna wintour. you could get a a blonde wig cut into her signature bob, and massive glasses that you leave on inside. you could party hop like crazy, because she, of course, only stays at parties for about twenty minutes. you could have your friends help you by pretending to be paparazzi for you.

Leia said...

Ooh, my ideal Halloween costume is something kind of sultry but not revealing! I've been variations of a cat many times, and once I was a bellydancer which was fun! Maybe this year I will be Princess Leia... :)

Siru said...

This is so cool, I never win, but I'm gonna try anyways. I think that this year I'm going to speak my bf into being Eric the Vampire from True Blood and I'll be Sookie. Or then we'll just do the usual: fake blood, hideous second hand clothes and lots of super white powder.

juliet xxx

Traceyr said...

Back comb my hair plenty of hairspray and black clothes from head to foot and my witches costume is complete.

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