5 September 2009

they said what?

What these celebs are really thinking...
according to me that is.

Just a bit of whimsical nonsense on a Saturday.

'Must hide awful shoes with expensive bag'

'We're easily the most fashionable people here'

'Yep I can pull a stupid face and still look hotter than you'

'You can copy my look Kristen but boys would still rather kiss me than you'

Got any ideas of your own?
Let me know


Flavia Flanders said...

hahaha.. love the mk & ash one!

Sherin said...

Hehe, these are hilarious! Love the Robert Pattison one.

Barbara said...

Haha! Rob is so right and evil:D! And the olsen twins...this made my day!

Talisa said...

cool pictures :)


Hawa said...

omg kirsten stewart looks amazing!!! love her hair

kiss me quick said...

I think you got that right XD

Samantha said...

great photos, your hilarious lady

Ashley said...

LoL! Love these quotes! Especially the last one, so true... he's just so pretty!


LAYNE said...

hahahha love all of them. esp the last one.


Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

haha I loved the olsen one because they soooo look like they are thinking it.


mjshdiif said...

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