17 September 2009

nothing like the selby

with a cold and the best friend already at uni, i'm spending most of my time here at the moment. my bedroom.
with only 2 weeks of free time left its time to start buying the first pieces of your autumn wardrobe, reading all those books you said you'd read this summer and sharpening your pencils ready for education once more.

what kind of hippy would I be if I didn't own a dream catcher.
note: the rabbit is not real. dont worry i'm not being cruel keeping him in that tiny cage! his name is obama and he lives on my window sill. he was bought for me by the boyfriend because i cant have a real rabbit :(


KP said...

love the dream catcher:)

Ella Gregory said...

You can get DM's to the exact description you left.


I nearly got those ones instead of my non-lace ones.

Sherin said...

That rabbit is adorable, despite not being real. And I love dream catchers. They always look so cool.

Olive Tee said...

I love the selby he's awesome. Ok and that is the cutest thing how he got u a a fake rabbit awww! xx

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