15 August 2009

fashion flicks?

Whenever I hear about a new film about the world of fashion coming to cinemas I usually groan in horror. Fashion films are famously bad and I usually find them totally uninspiring and dull. However a lot of my fashion inspiration does come from films, and so I bring you my top 6 films that i think should most inspire peoples fashion tastes.

(I'm aware Coco Before Chanel isn't on the list, judging from the pictures i've seen it should be but haven't seen the film yet so though it wasn't fair to include it.)

# 6- The Virgin SuicidesRich in a mix of dusty pinks, hazy yellows and faded florals this Sophia Coppola film is heavy in gorgeously feminine cinematography and seems to beautifully capture the essence of being a bored teenage girl. Set in my favourite decade: the 70's this film is one that I think is not known well enough and deserves a lot more praise than it gets.

#5 - Clueless
I've never met anyone that didn't like Clueless, its hilarious and the wacky 90's fashion makes it even more enjoyable. Knee high socks, babydoll dress and plaid galore, main character Cher is always impeccably dressed in the latest fashions. This film is a firm favourite with most fashion lovers and contains some great scenes including the one where Cher is held at gunpoint in her red Alilia dress. 'Its like...a totally important designer!'

#4 - Factory Girl
A biopic of one of the coolest models ever, Sienna Miller is a great Edie Sedgwick in this awesome film. Set in 60's New York its loaded with fur coats, tights and mini dresses, heavy eye make-up, and constant smoking from its cast. Hayden Christensen is super hot as Bob Dylan, Guy Pearce is a brillaint Andy Warhol and keep your eyes peeled for the Mary-Kate Olsen cameo!

#3 - Marie Antoinette
Another Dunst/Coppola collaboration this time in the visually breathtaking Marie Antoinette. Frills, petals, pastels, bows, feathers, lace, this film has it all. The ultimate in girly decadence Dunsts Marie Antoinette frolicks about in huge gowns, dainty shoes and a towering mop of blonde hair. This film makes me want to laze about in the afternoon sun, with a floaty dress and a fan.

#2- Sex and the City: The MoviePatricia Field at her best in the movie spin off of one of the best tv shows of all time. All the characters clothes got a little more eccentric in the films but as always SJP stole the show in her crazy Carrie ensembles. I loved those quilted white ankle boots and the Effiel Tower handbag! Mixing furs, bright colours, super hot bags and sky scraper shoes this film is 100% fashion eye candy.

#1- Breakfast At Tiffanys

One of the best films of all time, Audrey Hepburn shines in this brilliant story of socalite Holly Golightly. With her entire wardrobe for the films designed by Givenchy theres no way Audrey could look anything other than stylish. This film started so many trends (including blonde highlights in brown hair) and inspired so many (the photo of Audrey and the cigarette holder is one of the most iconic images of the 20th century) I think it definatley deserves the number 1 spot on my list!

What do you think of my list?
Any film you think i've missed?


Dannie said...

i adore carrie bradshaw, epitome of fashion brilliance!!!

but omg- devil wears prada, hello!

Anonymous said...

virgin suicides i love!

marie antionette i must see now!!

there are lots of groovy 60s hippy and swinging london films. try blow-up, or barbarella for outerspace grooviness!

i love all the groovy, sexy pictures on your blog!

hippy chicks rule!

peace and love from debs xx

Sherin said...

A brilliant list. I've seen #'s 5, 4, 3 and 1 and they all belong on the list.
Coco avant chanel is a great movie, but it doesn't really focus on the fashion side of her life that much.
I loved factory girl. It was a brilliant movie, and loved Sienna Miller in it.

tia said...

WOW! This was an amazing post! I love all the movies on the list, and love the clothes even more. Clueless is one of my favourite movies and I can practically quote the entire thing! "AS IF!"


Martine said...

omg yehhh great movies!!
great list.

Simes. said...

We love all those movies, they're great!

Sarah Valentine said...

I like totally dislike Clueless.

Aisha said...

Cool post. I quite enjoyed Sofia's flims (both).


Faith said...

I LOVE the virgin suicides and clueless!they're two of my favorite movies not only good in content but the wardrobe as well
Good list
(&fight club is AMAZING)

Charlotte said...

Agree with your list. I need to see Clueless again, I can hardly remember it !!

Sharon said...

i would love to see this movie , th epictures are beautiful

Ella Gregory said...

Clueless is my favourite by far! Almost Famous is good too.

Rae said...

ok you basically just listed my favorite movies of all time! seriously though you can't forget almost famous! I love that movie!


Dani said...

thanks for the sweet comment! we seem to be on the same wavelength because i am obsessed with these movies. the wardrobes alone are enough to keep my eyes glued to the screen. lovely blog!!


LAYNE said...

I really want to watch the virgin suicides again!
Thanks for the reminder xoxo

Barbara said...

This is a great post! I agree with almost everything! Mostly with the Coppola films! M.A. is my favurite and i also seen V.S. three times now i think!:D

Barbara said...

This is a great post! I agree with almost everything! Mostly with the Coppola films! M.A. is my favurite and i also seen V.S. three times now i think!:D

Samantha said...

i love love all these movies, although i have yet to see the sex and the city movie, its on my list of things to do.

Tiffany Ling Tse said...

LOVE this list, as it includes ALL of my favorite fashion-inspiring films!! So glad you included Clueless... I sometimes forget how much Alicia Silverstone/Cher contributed to '90s fashion!!!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Those are pretty much my most favorite movies ever. I think I saw Clueless 100 times when I was in middle school. Marie Antoinette and Virgin Suicides will always hold a special place in my heart, and I just saw Factory Girl last night. So fab. :)

Shannon King said...

I'm completely agree with your list! I need to see The Virgin Suicides.


Anonymous said...

Perfect list!


Ingrid (Garments and Gardens) said...

I lvoe your list, factory girl is awesome and the number one is so perfect for the place. Breakfast at Tiffany's is awesome. I don't know, but, if there was a number 7 I think you should include The Devil Wears Prada.. i love the clothes of that film

Rebecca said...

i love audrey as holly golightly!!!!

Destiny Nicole said...

I thought this list was awesome, i simply adore the virgin suicides, did a pice on them a couple months ago, i totally agree with you on the inspiration from the movie.

not alot of people no this movie, but Party Girl, staring parker posey has slew of awesome outfits.


lorinoel said...

youve hit the nail on the head my dear. #1, sofia coppola is wonderful. as is dunst., the virgin suicides is deffinatly underappreciated. as for factory girl and marie antoinette, they happen to make my top 5 of all time. and breakfast at tiffanys goes without saying; lovely.
sex and the city...♥

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