22 March 2009

stylish in the charts?

The UK top ten is a crazy mix of comic relief songs at the top, kings of leon and oasis at the bottom and in the middle lies 3 very different ladies battling it out in 4th 5th and 6th postion. Entirely different, style and music wise i though i'd do a bit of a fun post today on these three ladies, giving my verdict on who should move on up the charts and who should shoot down to the #40 position with lemar...

#4 Lady Gaga - Poker Face
Love her or hate her you have to admit that Lady G is doing something different style wise compared to others at the moment. With her love for wearing no pants and killer heels (being a mere 5ft 1 I dont blame her) her electro beats have been hanging around the top 10 for a few months now but will Poker Face reach the success of Just Dance?

Judging by the video its quite likely. Once again we see Lady G girating and thrusting herself around in skimpy latex outfits surrounded by hot male dancers. With a love for all things shiny, we see her sporting some seriously bling nail art, odd make-up and a futursitic bob. Although this isnt really the sort of look you'd wear shopping on a saturday music videos looks arent meant to be that. There supposed to be outrageous and get people talking. And once again Lady G has succeeded at that

Hippy predicts for Lady Gagas new chart position will be #3 or higher! (:

#5 Taylor Swift - Love Story

The complete opposite to Lady Gaga, everyones favourite good girl: country singer Taylor Swift is #5. With her sickly sweet southern voice, long curly blonde locks and cute cat eyes Taylor is the ultimate girl next door. Shes demure without being boring and had a unique style that i actually quite like. But does anyone else?

Her single, titled Love Story is pretty much what is says on the tin. Taylor tells us about the ups and downs she has with the man of her dreams whilst poping in and out of windows in a beautiful old castle/statley home. We see her in lots of white floaty numbers looking all angelic like making come hither eyes. Now this could easily be disgarded as aload of old tosh but Taylor beautiful voice makes this possible cheesy song work.

Hippy predicts Taylor will move up and take the #4 spot (:
#6 Kelly Clarkson - My life would suck without you

American Idol winner pop rock singer Kelly is back with a more fuller figure yet equally killer album. She doesnt seem to have a set style, it seems to change with every video but doesnt really have a theme apart from being average looking. I like the lipstick on the cd cover but I think that was probably a stylist choice.

The new single is pretty much like all her other stuff, shouty with a catchy chorus. The video features her belting out her song with the aid of a wind machine to seemingly make it more interesting. Nothing we havent seen before..

Hippy predicts it will stay at #6, sorry Kelly.
Do you agree with my predictions?
The new chart will be revaled around 7 on radio 1!
Tune in to see if im right or not (:


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Great post, quite creative.
Kelly seems happy with herself so that's good although to me it does seem like she's crossing the line between healthy and unhealthy. I've always loved her from the start though.

Lady gaga has the fiercest style on the entire chart!!

Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

I'm gaga for GaGa! And poker face is to die!! "i won't tell you that i love u, kiss or hug u, cause i'm bluffing with my muffin" genius!

fun post


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