25 March 2009

feel the lurrrrve

couples through time...
i think they all look very sweet but i have to say my favourites are kate and johnny at the end.
who do you like best?


Haute World said...

Kate and Johnny are my favourites as well, though I love all the pics. Thanks for posting! :)

discotheque confusion said...

Do I have to decide? They're all so cool! Can they all hang out together? Just for one night when they can all dance and frolick in a candlelit garden marquee, regardless of time boundaries?

No? Okay in that case it has to be the milkshake couple!

Tiffany Ling Tse said...

Kate and Johnny, hands down, are my favorites :) I just love the laidback aura they exude!

Thanks for your comment on my site by the way! I did get the Zara blazer recently, so you might get lucky if you try the store nearest you :)

Love your blog! I will link to it and be back :)

Tiff at http://stylesophisticate.blogspot.com

S.Elisabeth said...

couples are so adorable =)
and wow kate & johnny, i almost didn't recognize them!

Ashley said...

Aw that pic of Kate and Johnny is so cute, kinda makes me sad... at least Kate seems to be with a good guy and happy now too! I wonder if she and Johnny ever talk?


Obscura said...

Super cute!

YOu have a very unique style, m'lady!




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