23 January 2010

ode to a cat-like girl

My kitten walks on velvet feet,
And makes no sound at all;
And in the doorway nightly sits
To watch the darkness fall
I think he loves the lady, night
And feels akin to her
Whose steps are as still as his,
Whose touch as soft as fur

-Lois Weakley McKay


18 January 2010

to tumblr or not to tumblr

now don't get me wrong, i love tumblr. its where most of my images come from and you can find some truly beautiful photo collections on there. but yesterday as i was scrolling through some of my favourites i began to notice that alot of tumblrs all seem to post the same images. i want people to come to this blog for something inspirational but at the same time orignal. and so i've decided that i'm going to give taking my own photos a go. i have bought a couple of old skool disposable cameras and will be spending my week off snapping away at anything pretty that happens to catch my eye.

In the mean time i'll leave you with some of my favourite tumblrs:


11 January 2010

the new you?

I'm having a bout of self doubt at the moment.
January always has such a focus on trying to better yourself and start afresh with news years resolutions, diets etc. It makes me a little self-conscious like there's a need to come up with new imaginative ways to improve your self. I just want to have another happy year doing things I love with the people I love.

So what about you lot. Do you keep new years resolutions, or do you think they're silly?

8 January 2010

fashionable habitat

Some Chanel polishes, a tangle of jewellery, a stack of vogues and rows upon rows of shoes.
The staples of any fashion lovers bedroom, mine included.

What other delights do you keep in your boudoir?

4 January 2010

pastel perfect

When she laughed, her hair would shake in such a way it would always remind me of the fluttering of birds wings. And when it settled the mousy brown tangles would join to form an untidy nest-a nest for her thoughts. What I would have given to have known those secret thoughts. To have know what that beautiful, erratic mind was mulling over that Sunday, as we sat there beneath our favourite tree playing cards in the afternoon sun .

Just a little something I'm writing for fun